Adams County (except for A-1, A-2, and A-3 zones)  Adams County

City Of Thornton Beekeeping Permit:  beekeeping-permit-application.pdf (

City Of Northglenn beekeeping permit: Chickens and Bees Permit-City of Northglenn

Brighton beekeeping permit:  Urban_Agriculture_Flyer_2015 (



Article 11 Use Limitations and Definitions: Under Animals permitted without a license: “Domestic Honey Bees •2 hives per zone lot; •Hives must be in rear 1/3 of zone lot with a 5 foot setback from side and rear zone lot lines; •Hives must be screened so that the bees must surmount a 6 foot barrier, which may be vegetative, before leaving the property; •No outdoor storage of any bee paraphernalia or hive materials not being used as a part of a hive.” Denver Zoning Code, Article 11.8..5.1 p 69.